01/31/2020 - sunset - Sunset Road Trip

AO: Sunset

When: 01/31/2020

QIC: Double Trifecta


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Scalpel, Jolee, Hangry,Snyder,Deuces,Captain and DT


Warmed up with some

Over head stretches

Across the body arm stretches

Raggedy Ann’s

Chicken Scoops

Trunk twist

The Thang

Took the stairs to the bottom then ran up to level 3 using the ramps

1st ramp we side shuffled up and back down

2nd ramp we side shuffled up and down leading with the opposite leg

3rd ramp we lunged up and back down

4th ramp we bear crawled up then ran to the top

At the top we

(New move, don’t have a name for it) Right leg only

Lunge, mario,open, close… if you really want to know ask me the next time you see me 😜

Repeat on left leg 10 IC

wall sit 1 minute with leg lifts

11’s push ups and jump squats sprinting from wall to wall

Down the stairs again

At ther bottom we did

15 side leg lifts each leg

15 back leg legs each leg

15 calf raises

15 calf raises with heels together

15 calf raises with heels wide apart… back up to stairs

We had a few minutes left so we did a relay race ~ yay, more cardio 😊

  • COT and called it a night!




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